Monday, December 7, 2009


I believe that every day can be measured in terms of different amusement park rides.

Some days are like a carousel - tame and predictable, they go round and round, and you feel like you've seen it all before. Some days are like the teacup ride - amusing at first, but gradually sickening. Some days are like the Vomitron - just plain horrible from start to finish, leaving your head spinning and stomach churning. Some days are like a haunted house - sort of scary at the time, but laughable later.

Today was a rollercoaster.

It started off with me forgetting to set my alarm and waking up late. It got a bit better when I managed to be ready on time. Later it went downhill again when I had a couple of horrible tests at school, but it improved drastically when I got home and found a Christmas present from my best friend in Australia. I was ecstatic, on the top of the hill, when suddenly my sisters ran upstairs, tears streaming down their faces, telling me Brooke's pet rat was dead. As silly as it may sound to you to be upset over a rat, we were devastated. Death always sucks. Just when we were at the bottom of the hill, things started to pick up again with thanks to some mint icecream and TurboJam. When we got home, Nadine's rat had died too, and down we went again...

As trivial as all those "events" may be, it showed me just how... what's the word, fickle? our emotions are. One second, we're bouncing off walls, the next we're depressed. All it takes is a little thing to make or break our days.

That's why I am so thankful for joy. God's joy is something that doesn't depend on circumstances, situations or even feelings. If you have God's joy, it doesn't go away.

Happiness fades, but joy is neverending.