Sunday, February 7, 2010


I wish universities would offer a Bachelor of Mermaidery.

I would take it in a heartbeat and it would be amazing.

Sleeping in a clam shell, frolicking with the fish, wearing starfish in my hair…

Forget teacher, doctor, writer - I’m going to be a mermaid.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Song Saturday - Christmas TV

Currently LOVING this song.

Christmas TV by Slow Club.

Enjoy :)


I think I have finally figured out why I hate shopping so much. I've never liked shopping (besides at book stores, particularly second hand ones) and have always put it down to boredom. It would be fair to say that I have very little patience for anything, especially not for trying on clothes and/or waiting for others to do the same.

But I think the reason I don't enjoy shopping is more than the fact that it makes me bored and tired and often gives me a headache.

I hate the feeling of want shopping creates within me.

Before I go to the shops, I am content and don't feel like I need anything.
After shopping, I feel like there are a million things I need, and since I, inevitably, can't have them it makes me feel sad.

Whenever I go shopping, I see so very many things. I want so very many things. Whether it be books, movies, music, shoes, shirts... there is always something I suddenly feel the need to own.

I rarely have any money to spend so when I want to buy something, I generally can't. I find myself hating people who have alot of money. I fall into a trap of self-pity.

I hate that. I hate that because I see a nice pair of boots, I feel like I need them - even though I already have a perfectly good pair at home. I hate that I start comparing my coat to the coats everyone else are wearing, that seem so much better than mine.

I hate the feeling that I need more, bigger, better.
It is a lie. I have everything I could ever need and more.

Now, I may not have much when compared with others in the North American population, but I am rich - stinkin' filthy rich - because over half the world lives on less than $1 a day, and I just spent $5 on lollies without thinking twice.
(Not to mention the fact that I am writing this on my own computer, inside a heated house...)

Am I saying there is anything wrong with buying lollies or shoes or jewellery or any other thing? No. But I am saying that there is something wrong with the way our stuff-obssessed society thinks.

We constantly complain about how we have no money, nothing to wear, nothing to eat - and right in front of us is a wallet full of coins and cards, a closet full of clothes, a cupboard fall of food.

And we're a society obssessed with comparing ourselves to other - they have a bigger house, they have a newer car, they have nicer clothes - when we should be thankful for what we have.

If we feel like we don't have enough, how must people who truly have nothing feel?

So, yeah, I think that's why I don't like shopping. I don't like watching people hoarding up more and more stuff that they'll probably use twice and forget. I don't like feeling like I need something and pitying myself when I can't have it.

Maybe I'm crazy. I don't know. I just think we should try a little gratiude.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I believe that every day can be measured in terms of different amusement park rides.

Some days are like a carousel - tame and predictable, they go round and round, and you feel like you've seen it all before. Some days are like the teacup ride - amusing at first, but gradually sickening. Some days are like the Vomitron - just plain horrible from start to finish, leaving your head spinning and stomach churning. Some days are like a haunted house - sort of scary at the time, but laughable later.

Today was a rollercoaster.

It started off with me forgetting to set my alarm and waking up late. It got a bit better when I managed to be ready on time. Later it went downhill again when I had a couple of horrible tests at school, but it improved drastically when I got home and found a Christmas present from my best friend in Australia. I was ecstatic, on the top of the hill, when suddenly my sisters ran upstairs, tears streaming down their faces, telling me Brooke's pet rat was dead. As silly as it may sound to you to be upset over a rat, we were devastated. Death always sucks. Just when we were at the bottom of the hill, things started to pick up again with thanks to some mint icecream and TurboJam. When we got home, Nadine's rat had died too, and down we went again...

As trivial as all those "events" may be, it showed me just how... what's the word, fickle? our emotions are. One second, we're bouncing off walls, the next we're depressed. All it takes is a little thing to make or break our days.

That's why I am so thankful for joy. God's joy is something that doesn't depend on circumstances, situations or even feelings. If you have God's joy, it doesn't go away.

Happiness fades, but joy is neverending.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have now been to, spent 2 weeks in, and have sadly returned from Uganda! (Sadly because I never wanted to come back.)

It was the most amazing experience of my life so far.

I am not going to blog about it right now - there's just tooooo much to say, and too much else I have to do at the moment, catching up on school and whatnot - but, if you would like to hear about it, let me know! I can send you a write-up about it, or I might do a post on it later.

Waybalay nyo! Thank you very much! x

P.S. My profile picture is a gorgeous baby girl, Esther, who I met on my trip at Baby Watoto :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oli otya!

Oli otya! (That's Ugandan for "Hello!")

For the last week or so, I have not been able to access my blog. When I came onto the Blogger homepage, I entered my email and password as usual, only to find myself on a page telling me I had to have a Google account, and to get one I had to enter my email and password, but when I did, it told me it was invalid and I had to have a Google account! It was all very confusalating, and slightly frustrating, but when I tried again today - expecting I would not be able to blog ever again - I got in, just like I always had! Hmm... I dunno.

BUT I am back now, and I am stoooooooked to say that I am going to Uganda ... TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so ridiuclously excited. Needless to say, I am having a VERY difficult time trying to study for the 4 tests I need to take tomorrow morning (as they would've been the end of this week). As if I could think about anything but Africa at the moment! I'm pretty sure I am not going to do well on the tests, but I couldn't care less, to tell the truth.

It feels very surreal - and I imagine it may very well feel that way even after I come back - but I know it's gonna be an amaaaaaaaaazing experience, and I am filled with bubbling over with joyful anticipation.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers - for our team (10 including me) and our health, safety, etc., and for the people we will encounter over there.

I look forward to telling you all about it!
Thanks and see ya in 2 weeks!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Life is Beautiful

God is so creative!
All photos taken by yours truly - except the squirrel which was taken by my Dad.

Have a beautiful day everyone :)