Saturday, September 12, 2009

Song Saturday - Times

I only ever did one "Song Saturday", but if you remember that, you'll know it's just where I share a song that I'm loving at the moment - and where you can share a song you're currently enjoying! Musical magic :)

So, today's song is a beautiful, beautiful song called Times. It is by a modern Christian band called Tenth Avenue North. I'm really loving these guys lately - they do great contemporary worship, so if you like Times, I'm sure you'd enjoy listening to their other stuff too.

Times is a song which starts off with the prayer of a person to God: "...I long to feel you, I feel this need for you..." It's simply the cry of their heart, it's raw and sweet.
The next section of the song is God's response to them, His child: "...My love is over, it's underneath, it's inside, it's in between..." It's a reassurance that He's there for us through everything, every "time" in our lives - when we're happy, hurting, whatever. He's always there, and He always love us passionately and deeply, and He will never change.

It's gorgeous, I love it. I first heard it at Malagash this summer, actually. It was performed by two of the most amazing, beautiful people I know - Allison and Matt. Alli sang the prayer, and Matt represented God and sang the answer. It was amazing, I had goosebumps.

So, here it is: Times by Tenth Avenue North

I hope you enjoy Times as much as I have been.
Now, go ahead, return the favour - share a song you love with me!

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