Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Supper

Last night I went to a local event called the Sunday Supper. This is a dinner held every Sunday night at a church in my city for the homeless and disadvantaged. It's not a "soup kitchen", it's a proper sit-down meal where the visitors are waited on by the volunteers. The Sunday Supper started as a Christmas party - 27 years ago, I think, and has been going on every Sunday since then: "the longest Christmas party in the world", as it was described to me by my lovely friend Alli (I mentioned her in my post on Saturday about the song Times) who I went with, and who has been working there for many years. I had been to the Sunday Supper once quite a while ago (with my youth group) and had really enjoyed it and had wanted to go back, so I was excited to go back yesterday. There were a good number of volunteers there - I'd say 30 plus, many of whom I knew from camp this summer and was thrilled to see again - and that was great because there were probably a couple hundred guests at the supper! My main role throughout the evening was serving juice, as well as cutting up pies and fruit for the dessert at the beginning. We all worked together to serve the meal - which was beef stew and pizza last night - and clean up at the end. It was wonderful to get to chat with the guests - and even just to share a smile and a "Hi! How are you?" with them. These are lovely people who have tough lots in life - due to a miriad of different circumstances - and it is up to us to make life as easy for them as we can. The Sunday Supper is just one practical way that the "lucky" people in my community are blessing those who aren't so fortunate. I was very encouraged by the time I spent there last night and I am looking forward to attending more regularly - hopefully I'll be back next week!
Blessings to you all x
P.S. I am watching House right now and it is wonderful. I'm hooked!