Saturday, May 2, 2009

Song Saturday - The Crowd

So, I've decided on another weekly post - Song Saturday. I'll post a song I'm really loving at the moment and talk about why I'm diggin' it. And I fully want this blog to be interactive, so feel free to post a link to a song you're enjoying lately (keep it clean, please and thank you!) and talk about why you like it, what it means to you, etc.

So, here goes. My current absolute favourite band on the planet is The Cat Empire. I doubt any of you have heard of them, so here's a bit about them first. They're Aussie (like me!) and they play a unique fusion of ska reggae, funk, jazz, latin, rock... Hard to describe, but so infectious I can't help but dance! All their songs are frigintastic (Nick the Geek has me hooked on that word now...) but I especially like Two Shoes, So Many Nights (please ignore the weirdness of the video) and Days Like These (fast forward 32 seconds to start) ... but, as I said, they're all awesome! (It was unbelievably hard for me to narrow down those favourites.)
But today I want to feature one of their slower songs, The Crowd. I heard it not so long ago and since then I've been listening over and over. Now, they're not a Christian band, but this song expresses a message I really appreciate- the desire to be free to live life abundantly and exuberantly, and share that with others. Have a listen, if you like. Enjoy!

The Crowd - The Cat Empire

(Grr, I tried to embed the song but I had to link it instead because any time I try to put in a video the computer freaks out and freezes for some unknown reason. But whatever, you can cope with clicking a link, I think.)

So, I've introduced you to my best band and current favourite song - care to return the favour?

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  1. Happy Birthday, by Flipsyde. It is a very sad song, so you may not want to listen. It is about his regret in allowing his child to be aborted. I like the song because 1) I like the message. What was done, can't be undone. 2) I don't normally listen to rap. This song has me thinking there is more to this genre, a certain poetry, that I have not begun to explore.