Friday, May 1, 2009

Would You Rather

Let's play a little game.

Would You Rather...
1. Be forced to watch 4 hours of soap operas a day OR pee a little bit every time someone says your name? (I think this is a goodie...) Pee, definitely.
2. Be naked in winter OR wear a snowsuit in summer? Snowsuit.
3. Live in an igloo OR live in a tree? Tree.
4. Eat dog meat OR eat horse meat? Neither! But I'd had to take horse.
5. Have a cloud constantly raining on your head OR have a swarm of bees follow you everywhere? Rain.
6. Wear giant clown shoes everyday OR have giant ears? Shoes.
7. Be stunningly beautiful OR dazzling intelligent? Both?! Intelligent.
8. Drink a gallon of tomato sauce OR bathe in tomato sauce for a week? Bathe.
9. Eat a rotten egg OR lick a toilet? A clean toilet!
10. Never see another movie OR never read another book? I couldn't live without books, so bye bye movies.
11. Constantly smell like garlic OR have no thumbs? Garlic.
12. Live in a house made of bubble wrap OR a house made of pizza? Bubble wrap?

Play along!


  1. 1. pee
    2. nekkid
    3. tree
    4. horse
    5. bees - I dig it when things follow me.
    6. giant ears - no clownwear - ever
    7. intelligent - good thing I didn't have to choose.
    8. bathe
    9. no movies
    10. toilet - don't know that I've ever licked one, but I hugged a few back in the day.
    11.garlic (even though it might repel shiny vampires.
    12. bubble wrap.

    That was fun. I'm gonna tweet it. (that's what she said.)

  2. Oh my! That's some difficult choices. But funny!

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  4. Did you not see my top ten twilight list a couple of days ago? You should check it out. It will be delightful, I'm sure...

  5. 1. pee
    2. nekkid (my mom makes throws, so I might put a few over me when I am cold.
    3. igloo
    4. horse
    6. shoes, since I am already wearing them. I hae big feet.
    9. no movies
    10.. Please excuse me if I clean the toilet myself before I start french kissing it.
    11.garlic. I cook with it anyway, so I might already. You tell me.
    12.Bubble wrap

  6. stupid people how could you live without moives!!!!!!